Williams Arizona – Holiday All Inclusive

Originally, a bawdy “wild west” mountain town and logging center, Williams, Arizona is now a quaint mountain settlement where shoppers peruse 19th century storefronts and listen for the nostalgic sound of the train whistle from the historic depot of the Grand Canyon Railway at the center of town.  Surrounding the town are canyons and mountains whose breathtaking beauty is impossible to imagine unless seen first hand; and then, once seen, impossible to forget.

Williams is nestled at the base of the Bill Williams Mountain, in the Kaibab National Forest, off interstate 40, just 30 minutes west of Flagstaff.  Route 66 runs through the center of town, looking much the same as it did in the 1960s. Spring flowers and fall colors decorate the roadsides of  famous Route 66, once known as America’s Main Street, which served as a national thoroughfare from Chicago to Santa Monica for Dust Bowl migrants, World War II troops, and millions of travelers heading West.  Visitors enjoy the ambiance of those days in soda fountains, restaurants, vintage shops, and motels that line the historic road.

Williams Arizona Holiday All Inclusive
Williams Arizona Holiday All Inclusive

The climate in Williams is temperate. The low winter temperature average is 23 degrees, and the summer high average is 80 degrees. Williams is known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”, and offers the shortest path to the Grand Canyon from Interstate 40  (only 59 miles).

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The Grand Canyon Railroad provides daily trips to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Walnut Canyon and Wupatki National Monuments are an hour away; sites of several 12th-century Indian ruins are nearby; Sunset Crater, the remains of a once-active volcano; and the San Francisco Peaks, the highest elevation in Arizona, all are within a short drive of Williams.

Williams has four beautiful lakes with excellent fishing and an abundance of outdoor activities: Cataract Lake, Kaibab Lake, Dogtown Lake and White Horse Lake.  The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area is the site of the second largest canyon in Arizona. Visitors can enjoy the most scenic point of the canyon at an overlook just minutes away from Williams. Kaibab National Forest surrounding Williams has seasonal hunting for deer, elk, mountain lions and bear.  The popular Williams ski area provides excellent downhill skiing, sledding and nearby cross-country ski trails.

Helicopter and airplane tours are available as are ground tours featuring around-the-rim bus trips, jeep tours and safaris, and even in-park mule rides which provide an up-close Grand Canyon adventure experience.  There are many hiking opportunities to explore this Natural Wonder of the World.  There are also tours of the Colorado River that give the opportunity to experience, as did explorer John Wesley Powell, the incredible view of the Grand Canyon from the bottom up.

Williams is close to Flagstaff, Sedona, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and other Northern Arizona tourist attractions.   It is the ideal destination for a nostalgic trip back in time and as a gateway to the wonders of Grand Canyon and to outdoor adventure on a grand scale.

Tempe Arizona – Holiday All Inclusive

Home of Arizona State University and Sky Harbor Airport, Tempe is located in the southern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area and is bordered by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler.

Tempe is the state’s seventh largest city.  Access to Tempe is easy from just about any direction via the Loop 101, 202, US 60, I-10 and the Hohokam Expressway.  The City of Tempe, Arizona offers more than 330 days a year of sunshine to its residents and visitors, and annual rainfall amounts to only 7.36 inches a year.

Tempe Arizona - Holiday All Inclusive
Tempe Arizona – Holiday All Inclusive

The first stop for many is legendary Arizona Mills, the vast indoor shopping mall with an emphasis on tasteful decoration, reasonable prices, and top quality merchandise.  One of the main hang-out and night-life spots is nearby Mill Avenue, but there are a number of other places  in the surrounding area that contribute to a memorable visit to the area.

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In 1865, the U.S. Army arrived at the eastern end of the Salt River Valley and established Fort McDowell. More pioneers arrived,  including Wickenburg entrepreneur Jack Swilling, who directed the renovation of the Hohokam canals, and Charles Trumbull Hayden, who built a flour mill and began a ferry service across the Salt River.

“Hayden’s Ferry,” as the city was called then, was also the name of the only vehicle across the Rio Salado. The town grew slowly and was renamed the City of “Tempe” Arizona (Tem-PEE) by an English traveler who compared the area to the beautiful Vale of Tempe in Greece.

In 1886, the Arizona Territorial Normal School welcomed its first class of 31 students in the building known today as Old Main on Arizona State University’s campus.

A growth spurt over the past twenty years has resulted in the development of industrial parks and planned communities in all directions.   Arizona State University’s main campus, adjacent to downtown Tempe, educates students from all 50 states and more than 120 countries. ASU is known as leading Research institution.  The presence of its enthusiastic faculty and students has contributed to the success of the numerous local theaters, galleries, and cultural centers in Tempe.  The ASU campus even houses the State Arboretum that is open to the public.  The Law Library (said to be second only to Harvard’s ) is designed to look like an open book. Gammage Auditorium is well known as Frank Lloyd Wright’s last public structure design.

Over the past two decades, Tempe has been a top choice for visitors seeking Arizona vacations. The downtown area has been made pedestrian friendly. Shady brick sidewalks, turn of the century buildings, historic landmarks, a wide variety of restaurants and popular night spots, ASU, “A” mountain and Tempe Town Lake all make downtown Tempe a place recognized for its for dining, shopping, sightseeing, and nightlife.

Families enjoy the Tempe Beach Park Splash Playground and the pedal boats on Tempe Town Lake. Visitors can see a   Broadway show, visit a fine art museum, explore hiking and biking trails. It’s all there and so conveniently located!  Just about everything in Tempe can be found in a one mile radius.  The only decisions to be made are what to see and do first and how soon it will be possible to return to this lively and thoroughly enjoyable city.

Phoenix Arizona – Holiday All Inclusive

Glittering like a jewel under the bright Southwestern sun, the dazzling surroundings and the eight months of nearly perfect weather in Phoenix  have drawn people to this fascinating Arizona city.

It is easy to understand why Phoenix was chosen as the  capital of Arizona, Phoenix is an ideal travel destination.  It is known for its warm temperatures and low humidity. Lying on flat desert and surrounded by mountains and green irrigated fields,  it is a resort, convention, and government center as well as a thriving industrial area.

By day, the sun fairly sparkles, and as evening nears the sunsets splash purple and blazing orange across the vast horizon. It is because of these wondrous sights that Phoenix’s metro area is called the Valley of the Sun. This once sleepy agricultural town is now increasingly active and constantly expanding.

Phoenix Arizona - Holiday All Inclusive
Phoenix Arizona – Holiday All Inclusive

Residents have no qualms about driving 200 miles for a picnic or a swim, and visitors should be prepared to follow their example by securing a rental car in order to get around.  There is so much to see and do that you will want to explore in all directions. The highway system is easy to understand and to follow.  Even if you don’t venture beyond the downtown area, you will find a surprising energy and level of activity amid the buildings at Van Buren and Third streets in the newly restored and renovated Copper Square area.   If you have not visited downtown Phoenix for awhile, the winning combination of quality restaurants, museums, shops, and nightclubs will surely exceed your expectations.

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The area’s awesome beauty, from the top of  nearby South Mountain to the distinctive Camelback Mountain, eclipses any manmade building. As you stroll through the desert you will be  surprised by the abundance of blooming vegetation, and moved by the grandeur of rolling hills that are criss-crossed by hiking trails.

The sun shines all day; the nights are pleasantly cool. There are so many activities and attractions to enjoy while visiting Phoenix. As a vacation spot it pleases both the sophisticated traveler and the casual vacationer.