San Diego, California – Holiday All Inclusive

From its world-famous zoo and aquarium to its bountiful beaches, San Diego’s vibrant and exciting lifestyle has plenty to offer visitors and their whole families.

It’s the kind of city where every day is a beach day, and where everyone is busy having as much fun as possible.

A relaxed atmosphere pervades the city, probably one of the reasons that draw more than 30 million visitors a year to San Diego. Given the beautiful weather and outdoor activities abound, San Diego is probably one of the most pedestrian friendly cities in America. Families walk, skate, and bike their way to over 70 miles of beaches or any one of San Diego’s numerous attractions.

San Diego, California - Holiday All In clusive
San Diego, California – Holiday All In clusive

San Diego’s natural beauty is one of the city’s greatest attractions. An officially designated 52-mile long Scenic Drive brings visitors through the city and its many neighborhoods. From the Harbor Islands through Old Town and Balboa Park all the way to La Jolla, the Scenic Drive is a great way to see all of the city’s beautiful districts and neighborhoods.

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Balboa Park itself is the 1,200 acre home to the world-famous Zoo and museums. This park is the cultural center of the city. The Rose Garden has more than 2,000 rosebushes, and the entire park is really one giant botanical garden full of beautiful flowers and trees. The Zoo, one of the best in the world, holds nearly 4,000 animals representing more than 800 species. The animal habitats are designed to replicate each animal’s original ecosystem as closely as possible, down to the type of grass used. Birds, gorillas, tigers, bears, hippos and other animals have helped make this one of the most admired zoos in the world. In addition to the zoo, Balboa Park is home to over a dozen museums dedicated to history, science, art, cars, railroads, mankind, and of course, San Diego itself.

Visitors who want to spend as much time as possible near the glittering Pacific Ocean will love the Mission Bay area and its greatest attraction: Sea World. The Mission Bay aquatic park covers 4,600 acres, and includes 27 miles of bay shore beaches and 17 miles of ocean front beaches. Admission to the beaches is free, and swimming, sunning, and windsurfing are the preferred activities. Playgrounds and picnic spots are found throughout the park, but the best place for kids has to be Sea World. Covering over 100 bay-front acres, this park features the world famous killer whale Shamu, as well as hundreds of other water animals, like penguins, fish, and sharks. Sea World is one of the most famous aquatic parks in the world, and kids and adults alike will love it.

San Diego has it all: sunny weather, great beaches, wonderful museums, zoos, and aquariums, and history too. Old Town is the historical heart of San Diego, and a great place to finish up a visit to the city. The Spanish and Mexican heritage of the city is celebrated here, amidst the famous Presidio fortress, the historical park, and the adobe houses with Spanish tile roofs. San Diego has evolved immeasurably since those early days as a Spanish settlement on the Pacific, and that evolution has produced one of the most beautiful and happy cities in the world. Visitors to San Diego are always sorry to leave behind what residents know is heaven on earth.

San Francisco, California – Holiday All Inclusive

Sitting on 43 hills, and surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco is ideally located so that almost every one of its streets ends or begins with a panoramic sea view.

Some call it The City By the Bay, but to most of its residents, it is known simply as The City.  Seldom has there been such a passion for preserving the past with its colorful legends and architecture as there is in San Francisco.  Seven times, it has been rebuilt after fires and earthquakes; and seven times, it has been carefully and lovingly restored.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California

The city varies in altitude from sea level to 929 feet because of its configuration.  The combined effect of the many hills, the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge is stunning in its beauty and scope.

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Established in 1835 as a resting place along the trail and called Yerba Buena, the village had fewer than 100 inhabitants for 13 years.  The discovery of gold rapidly raised that population figure to over 10,000.  Only a handful made a fortune from gold, but many stayed on to develop the city that became San Francisco.

Today San Francisco is an important industrial, tourist and financial center.  Its financial district is often called “Wall Street West.”  The city port handles huge amounts of cargo annually and ranks among the top ten ports in the world for passenger traffic.  George R. Moscone Convention Center occupies a city block between third and Fourth Streets and Howard and Folsom Streets and is almost entirely built underground.  Across the street, is the Center for the Arts at the Yerba Buena Gardens, a visual and performing arts complex.

San Francisco has a world-class symphony orchestra, opera, and ballet.  Other not to be missed attractions are the San Francisco Maritime Museum, the California Academy of Science, the Natural History Museum and the Japanese Tea Garden.  Restaurants and nightspots span the entire spectrum of fine cuisine and the best in live music and dance.  Sports are at the top of the charts with everything from golf, surfing, fishing, skiing, basketball and swimming to the unforgettable San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants.

In recent years, San Francisco has consistently received the highest score of any city in the United States in Conde Nast Traveler Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards. San Francisco also scored highest in the world in the Restaurant category and highest in the United States in the Environment Ambiance. The year 2000 marked the twelfth of thirteen years that San Francisco has been designated Best City in the United States and the third year as the leader in the Restaurants category.


The Bay Area, extending from the suburban communities north of Oakland and Berkeley south through the peninsula and the San Jose area, is really one continuous mega city, with San Francisco as its heart.

A prominent feature of San Francisco is that beautifully fluffy, chilly, wet, heavy, material called  “fog” which makes the city’s weather so mysterious, exciting,  and unpredictable. A rare combination of water, wind, and topography creates Northern California’s summer fog bank. It lies off the coast, and rising air currents pull it in when the land heats up. Held back by coastal mountains along a 600-mile front, the low clouds seek out any passage they can find. The easiest access happens to be the slot where the Pacific Ocean penetrates the continental wall:  otherwise known as the Golden Gate!

While in San Francisco, be sure to save time to visit Fisherman’s Wharf.  The wharf once bustled with Sicilian and Genoese fishermen unloading their catches to sell.  There is still a fishing fleet, but the wharf is lined with more than a hundred seafood restaurants and steaming crab pots as well as marine gear suppliers, and sidewalk performers.  From there it’s a short walk to Chinatown with its pagoda roofs; colorful lampposts, and fascinating shops.  The 853-foot Transamerica pyramid marks the heart of the Financial District, as does Embarcadero Center.  Nearby is the home of the new San Francisco Giants baseball stadium, Pac Bell Park.

The main shopping, hotel, and theater district is at Union Square.  A few blocks farther on, the formerly run down factory district has been reborn as a cultural center with the Museum of Modern Art as its centerpiece.  Major galleries, museums and restaurants have opened there, as well as Sony’s  Metreon theater complex.  Yerba Buena Gardens provides constant family entertainment year round with its ice rinks, parks and children’s play areas.

It is wise to plan to spend a day of relaxation in Golden Gate Park and to save another day for a quiet stroll along Ocean Beach.  A leisurely pace leaves time to enjoy exploring the city and opens space for the unexpected, such as that park that looked to be five minutes away on the map, but is actually at the top of a steep hill!

San Francisco is a city of beauty and dignity.  It presents to the visitor a banquet of sights, sounds, tastes and aromas to sample, to savor, and to remember forever.

Los Angeles, California – Holiday All Inclusive

Los Angeles is a modern, sophisticated city where culture is king.  It is located in Southern California on the Pacific Coast. This City of Angels was established by the Spaniards 1781. Los Angeles was merely a ranch town when the US appropriated it from Mexico in 1846, but by the 20th century the film industry shone a spotlight on L.A.

The city of 3.5 million sprawls across 467 square miles of desert basin, mountain canyons, and coastal beaches. If there was one word to describe Los Angles it would have to be diverse; for diversity is not only a characteristic of Los Angeles’ geography, but it also describes the approximately 11 million people who call it home. The largest population of Pacific Islanders in the nation lives here, as well as the world’s third-largest Hispanic population. Los Angeles is home to people from over 140 countries speaking 96 different languages.

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California

Attractions in this city are numerous and varied. There are more than 2,000 museums, galleries, theaters and other attractions in Los Angeles. Los Angeles features itself as a great hostess providing its visitors with activities such as museums, beaches, restaurants, performing arts, people watching and sports. Take a stroll through vintage Hollywood along the Walk of Fame, stopping to catch a show at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, then duck into the Roosevelt Hotel, recently restored to its old Hollywood glory. Rodeo Drive showcases the latest trends. No matter where you travel in and near Los Angeles, there is something exciting to do or see.  The area also features dozens of annual events, from parades, to sporting meets to festivals.

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Los Angeles has drawn the attention of people from all over, making it the entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood  is only a few minutes away with the fabulous wonderland which is known as Universal Studios.  Plan an extra day or two to explore Universal with the family.  Among its intriguing film sets and sound stages situated in the spectacular Hollywood Hills, there are shows and exhibits to entertain and astound even the most sophisticated.

Los Angeles has not only played a major role in the development of television, music, fashion and art in the past, it is also at the forefront in the present in creating and maintaining a diverse center of pop and traditional culture.

Santa Monica, California – Holiday All Inclusive

Santa Monica Beach symbolizes Southern California Beach lifestyle. Located near the cultural heart of Los Angeles, Santa Monica offers virtually any attraction a visitor could want when visiting southern California. If there is only time to choose one beach in the Los Angeles area during your visit, it should definitely be Santa Monica Beach.

The Santa Monica Pier, located at the end of Colorado Street, is the focal point of the beach area. The wide, sandy beach extends for about a mile north and south of the pier. Pacific Park, an amusement park located on the pier, is anchored by a 9-story solar powered Ferris wheel. Thrill seekers might also enjoy the 5-story roller coaster. Hey, what’s not to like about a beachfront amusement park reminiscent of those that lined the coast in the old days. Romantics and little ones will enjoy the Santa Monica Carousel (as seen in the Hollywood classic The Sting.) Underneath the pier is the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, a beach level aquarium with exhibits the whole family will enjoy.


By Southern California standards, this is a top-notch beach. The large sandy area between the water and the bicycle path is great for sunbathing, people watching, tossing a ball or simply lying in the soft, warm sand. An offshore breakwater was installed to keep the surf gentle, great for kids but not so good for surfers looking for the best waves. The fun includes swimming, body boarding and just splashing in the water. The kids will enjoy the play area located near the pier. For a little extra exercise while enjoying the sights, running through the beach is a paved bicycle and walking path that extends for miles to the south. No doubt, most people have seen this path:  it stars in countless movies and in TV shows such as Three’s Company.  Visitors will see a variety of non-motorized transportation on this trail. Bicycle and Rollerblade rental shops are plentiful.

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The entire downtown area is great for shopping including the Third Street Promenade, an open-air pedestrian street. The Promenade epitomizes Southern California lifestyle with an eclectic mix of people, shops, restaurants and galleries. Be sure to bring a camera and a pen, as several Hollywood notables have been known to frequent the area.

At the southern end of Santa Monica Beach is the renowned “Muscle Beach”. Remember those “Beach Movies” of bygone days?  They featured reels of copper toned hard bodies flexing rippled muscles on the beach.   Well, they built those bodies right here at Muscle Beach.  Visitors will find an outdoor workout venue with gymnastic and balance equipment and an exhibition area for “flexing”. Muscle Beach has been around since 1930,  but was newly restored in 2000.

Santa Monica is privileged to experience ideal weather and climate year round.  With the humidity rarely over 55% and a gentle breeze from the nearby Pacific Ocean, the city offers its visitors an ideal climate.  Fall and spring usher in many festival and events.  Sun, fun, excitement, tranquility, muscles and more!  Santa Monica is a vacationer’s paradise.