Santa Monica California – Holiday All Inclusive

Santa Monica Beach symbolizes Southern California Beach lifestyle. Located near the cultural heart of Los Angeles, Santa Monica offers virtually any attraction a visitor could want when visiting southern California. If there is only time to choose one beach in the Los Angeles area during your visit, it should definitely be Santa Monica Beach.

The Santa Monica Pier, located at the end of Colorado Street, is the focal point of the beach area. The wide, sandy beach extends for about a mile north and south of the pier. Pacific Park, an amusement park located on the pier, is anchored by a 9-story solar powered Ferris wheel. Thrill seekers might also enjoy the 5-story roller coaster. Hey, what’s not to like about a beachfront amusement park reminiscent of those that lined the coast in the old days. Romantics and little ones will enjoy the Santa Monica Carousel (as seen in the Hollywood classic The Sting.) Underneath the pier is the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, a beach level aquarium with exhibits the whole family will enjoy.

Santa Monica California Holiday All Inclusive
Santa Monica California Holiday All Inclusive

By Southern California standards, this is a top-notch beach. The large sandy area between the water and the bicycle path is great for sunbathing, people watching, tossing a ball or simply lying in the soft, warm sand. An offshore breakwater was installed to keep the surf gentle, great for kids but not so good for surfers looking for the best waves. The fun includes swimming, body boarding and just splashing in the water. The kids will enjoy the play area located near the pier. For a little extra exercise while enjoying the sights, running through the beach is a paved bicycle and walking path that extends for miles to the south. No doubt, most people have seen this path:  it stars in countless movies and in TV shows such asThree’s Company.  Visitors will see a variety of non-motorized transportation on this trail. Bicycle and Rollerblade rental shops are plentiful.

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The entire downtown area is great for shopping including the Third Street Promenade, an open-air pedestrian street. The Promenade epitomizes Southern California lifestyle with an eclectic mix of people, shops, restaurants and galleries. Be sure to bring a camera and a pen, as several Hollywood notables have been known to frequent the area.

At the southern end of Santa Monica Beach is the renowned “Muscle Beach”. Remember those “Beach Movies” of bygone days?  They featured reels of copper toned hard bodies flexing rippled muscles on the beach.   Well, they built those bodies right here at Muscle Beach.  Visitors will find an outdoor workout venue with gymnastic and balance equipment and an exhibition area for “flexing”. Muscle Beach has been around since 1930,  but was newly restored in 2000.

Santa Monica is privileged to experience ideal weather and climate year round.  With the humidity rarely over 55% and a gentle breeze from the nearby Pacific Ocean, the city offers its visitors an ideal climate.  Fall and spring usher in many festival and events.  Sun, fun, excitement, tranquility, muscles and more!  Santa Monica is a vacationer’s paradise.

Oakland California – Holiday All Inclusive

Oakland’s landscape is a picturesque mix of lovely hillside neighborhoods; exciting and diverse architecture; a bustling waterfront; two shimmering lakes; 19 miles of shoreline along the San Francisco Bay; unparalleled Bay views; and more parks and open space per capita than any other city in the Bay Area. Everyone loves the year round vacation weather with temperatures in the gentle 50’s and 60’s in the winter and spring, and 70’s throughout summer and fall.

A city on the move, Oakland has emerged as a major economic force in the region. Long a center for international trade, the Port of Oakland is one of the nation’s busiest container ports in the Bay Area. The Oakland International Airport is served by many major domestic and international airlines.

Oakland California Holiday All Inclusive
Oakland California Holiday All Inclusive

The arts are alive in Oakland as well. The city has one of the largest visual and performing arts communities on the West Coast, and the arts are celebrated on every level; from acclaimed symphony and ballet to museums, galleries, and small arts organizations. The Old Oakland district includes many of the finest examples of Victorian commercial architecture on the West Coast. Oakland’s population boomed after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and the Broadway Historic District showcases a range of architectural treasures constructed between 1900-1949. Bold new buildings now shine in Oakland’s modern skyline.

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There is definitely no shortage of things to see and do, and there is weather to match.  Visitors can explore the universe at The Chabot Space and Science Center.  The Center houses one of the largest public telescopes in the United States, a 230-seat planetarium, and the large-screen Tien MegaDome Theater. Every child’s fantasy comes true at Children’s FairylandHere young children can enjoy the enchanting, three-dimensional fantasy world where popular nursery rhymes come to life, set in picturesque Lakeside Park.

Speaking of Lakeside Park, this large saltwater lake, one of the largest in the country, and the adjoining 122-acre park is home to wildlife, formal gardens, and a children’s amusement park.  All of these draw scores of walkers, joggers, bikers, rowers, sailors, and windsurfers, year round.  For a little romance, visitors can experience Gondola Servizio where they glide across Lake Merritt in a beautiful Venetian craft accompanied by a serenading gondolier.

Of course, everyone needs a chance to relax, shop and enjoy a good meal.   A wonderful place for this is in Oakland is at Jack London Square.  This busy site at the water’s edge has dining, entertainment, shopping, and more than a few spots for daydreaming. Take a ferry ride, stroll the scenic boardwalk, catch a movie, or just rest and refresh at a sunny sidewalk café. For a little history in a nostalgic setting, the historic Grand Lake Theatre is a must see.  A mainstay of the community since its construction in 1926, this first-run movie theater is graced with a colorful, lighted marquee and a sweeping staircase in the main hall. Look for the ornately decorated walls, brass chandeliers, and faux opera boxes. Prior to curtain on Friday and Saturday nights, an organist serenades the audience on a Wurlitzer.  Rent a sailboat on Lake Merritt, stroll along the waterfront, explore the fantastic Oakland Museum: These are all great reasons to spend fog-free days exploring one of California’s largest and most ethnically diverse cities.

Oakland  has near perfect weather to enjoy all of the spectacular offerings of the city. “Sunny California” applies to Oakland’s climate.  With the sun shining an average of 95% of the time in the summer, it’s the time to experience the numerous outdoor activities available.  The fall offers a chance to view Nature in transition.  With the temperature dropping only slightly from the summer, visitors can enjoy the out of doors day or night.  Winters are mild with the average temperature around 55 F.  Snow is almost never seen, except in the higher elevations and then only briefly.  Spring brings an abundance of sunshine, warmer temperatures and very low humidity.  It’s an ideal time for a relaxing stroll in one of the areas many excellent parks.

History, events, great entertainment, sports, scenery and an ideal climate in which to experience it all, Oakland, the City by the Bay, has it.

Hollywood California – Holiday All Inclusive

Reaching out above the town of Hollywood itself is the well known Hollywood sign high on a hill at the end of Beachwood Drive. The 50 foot high letters used to spell out ‘Hollywoodland’.  The original sign was placed in 1923 as an advertisement for a proposed housing development that was never built.  Finally, in 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce arranged to repair the deteriorating sign and to remove the last four letters.  The site is now protected by high tech infrared cameras with radar-activated zoom lenses.

Hollywood is part of the city of Los Angeles, and is situated northwest of the downtown district. Hollywood’s southern border follows Melrose Avenue from Vermont Avenue west to La Brea Avenue. From there the boundary continues north on La Brea, wrapping west around the city of West Hollywood along Fountain Avenue before turning north again on Laurel Canyon Boulevard into the Hollywood Hills. The eastern boundary follows Vermont Avenue north from Melrose past Hollywood Boulevard to Franklin Avenue. From there the border goes west along Franklin to Western Avenue, and then north on Western into Griffith Park. Most of the hills between Laurel Canyon and Griffith Park are part of Hollywood.

Hollywood California holiday all inclusive
Hollywood California holiday all inclusive

Many of the old landmarks still stand. The intersection of Hollywood and Vine was supposedly the spot were many future stars were ‘discovered.’ Close by is the Capitol Records Building, which looks like a stack of 45 records on a turntable.  Many big name artists of the 1950s and 1960s recorded on the Capitol label, and a large mural pays tribute to some of them.  Further along Hollywood Boulevard is Hollywood’s most famous and popular attraction:  Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

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It was here that the tradition of immortalizing movie stars’ foot and handprints in cement began. This was supposed to have started when actress Norma Talmadge accidentally stepped on the wet concrete of the construction site. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, with the names of many show business and movie notables set in the sidewalk is close by. The Hollywood Forever Memorial Gardens provided the final resting place for many of Hollywood’s stars.   The mausoleum of Rudolph Valentino and the shrine of Douglas Fairbanks Senior are often photographed.

At present, much of the movie industry has relocated in surrounding areas such as Burbank and the Westside of Los Angeles, but businesses such as editing, effects, props, post-production, and lighting remain in Hollywood.

In 1900, Hollywood had a population of 500 people. Los Angeles, with a population of 100,000, lay was seven miles east, separated from Hollywood by miles of lemon groves

Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. Herds of cattle of more than 200 were banned from its dusty dirt streets.  In 1904 it was annexed to Los Angeles and a trolley line was laid to connect the two via newly named Hollywood Boulevard.

In the early 1900s, motion picture production was dependent on outdoor light and sunshine.  As improvements were made to roads, companies from New York and New Jersey started moving to California because of the reliable weather, longer days, and magnificent scenery.

The first movie studio in the Hollywood area, Nestor Studios, was founded in 1911 by Al Christie for David Horsley in an old building on the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. In the same year, another fifteen Independents settled in Hollywood. They were followed by hundreds of others.

In 1913, Cecil B. DeMille, in association with Jesse Lasky, leased a barn with studio facilities on the southeast corner of Selma and Vine Streets which is currently the location of the Hollywood Heritage Museum.

The Charlie Chaplin Studio, on the northeast corner of La Brea and De Longpre Avenues just south of Sunset Boulevard, was built in 1917.

The first Academy Awards presentation ceremony took place on May 16, 1929 during a banquet held in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Tickets were $10.00, and there were 250 people in attendance.

In 1927, the era of silent movies ended.  From that year until the late 1940s, the Golden Age of Hollywood reigned.  The 1950s saw the arrival of television years and movie studios began to produce for TV.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was created in 1958 and the first star was placed in 1960 as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry.

In 1985, the Hollywood Boulevard commercial and entertainment district was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places protecting important buildings and seeing to it that the significance of Hollywood’s past would always be a part of its future.

Within the past six years, the Hollywood extension of the Metro Red Line subway opened, running from downtown Los Angeles to the Valley, with stops on Hollywood Boulevard at Western Avenue, at Vine Street and at Highland Avenue.

The Kodak Theatre, which opened in 2001 on Hollywood Boulevard at Highland Avenue, where the historic Hollywood Hotel once stood, has become the new home of the Oscars.

Modern day Hollywood is a diverse, vital, and active community working to preserve its past.  Millions of people from all over the world still make a pilgrimage to Hollywood and experience nostalgia for that bygone, magical era of moviemaking and stardom.

South Lake Tahoe California – Holiday All Inclusive

Lake Tahoe is awesome! Beginning in late autumn and continuing through the winter and spring, the Sierra Nevada mountain region becomes a winter wonderland. Snow is measured in feet, not inches, and a normal winter will see accumulations of 30 to 40 feet in the higher elevations.

Winter can last up to six months in the mountains, which is great news for winter sports enthusiasts.  The temperatures stay relatively mild, usually above freezing during the day and only dropping into the 20s at night. During most days, the sun shines and adds the perfect finishing touch to the ideal winter vacation. 

South Lake Tahoe, California - Holiday All Inclusive Holiday
South Lake Tahoe, California – Holiday All Inclusive Holiday

One of the highest, largest, deepest, cleanest and coldest lakes in the world, 1000 foot deep Lake Tahoe is situated at a mile high elevation in an alpine bowl of forested granite peaks. The drive around the entire circumference of Lake Tahoe is 72 miles in length and takes about three hours.  It is recommended during the summer months only.   During the winter, Highway 89, which runs along the west shore and connects South Tahoe and Tahoe City closes when there is too much snow.   A delightful alternative to driving around the lake is to view it from a paddle wheeler on a summer cruise.  

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The early-mid years of the 20th century saw tremendous building and deforestation in the Lake Tahoe area.  The building boom was brought under control in the 1960’s, and 85% of the land is now protected from development. The undeveloped land is owned either by the state or federal governments, and has been turned into National Forests and State Parks, further enhancing the appeal of this spectacular place. 

The Lake Tahoe region straddles the Nevada/California border. The state line cuts through the lake lengthwise, so that the western shore is in California; the eastern shore in Nevada and some properties situated north and south of the Lake are in both States.  One such hotel even has a dotted line running through its rooms to indicate in which State occupants are located.

During normal snow years, many ski resorts are open by Thanksgiving and some even operate through July 4. As a result, summer visitors can ski in the morning and enjoy a pleasant afternoon of river rafting. During any lulls in snowfall, ski resorts make snow. Most resorts have installed sophisticated snowmaking equipment on a large percentage of their terrain.

The North and South Lake Tahoe areas have the greatest concentration of ski resorts in North America, with 15 alpine resorts and 12 cross-country resorts offering a wide range of terrain and level of expertise. For the novice skier or snowboarder, lessons are offered at most of the resorts. 

Also offered are packages, which include rental equipment, maps, lift tickets or trail passes, along with lessons.

Other popular activities include sleigh rides, dog sled rides, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling in the fall, winter, and spring; and in the summer:  golf, hiking, bicycling, fishing, boating, ballooning, and river rafting.  Superb casino gaming and entertainment are available year round.  The Olympic games and World Cup skiing have both been hosted by Lake Tahoe.  It is a world-class destination.


Fresno California – Holiday All Inclusive

Once a dry desert, Fresno, and a million acres surrounding it, are now lush with vineyards, orange groves, and plantings of cotton and other crops.

In fact, Fresno County is one of the nation’s agricultural leaders. Conveniently located in the central San Joaquin Valley, this is one California city not to be missed.  Just to the west it is predominantly flat, with the land devoted to agriculture.  To the east, the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains rise out of the low foothills.

Fresno California - Holiday All Inclusive
Fresno California – Holiday All Inclusive

Blossom trail is a scenic, 63 mile self-guided tour encompassing vineyards, orchards, and historical points of interest. It serves as an orientation to the area.   The trail passes almond, peach, apricot, plum, and nectarine trees in blossom from late February through March.

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With four very moderate seasons, Fresno’s weather is generally mild throughout the year. Summers are dry and warm; winters are cool and sometimes a little misty.  The scenic mountain elevations above 5000 feet are sprinkled with snow in late fall and winter, adding to the beauty of the area.

The first European settlement of the Fresno region was by the Spaniards as they searched for suitable mission sites.  It was declared to be the property of the United States in 1846 following the Mexican War.  Today the city and the entire county play host to thousands of visitors who come to enjoy including the nearby National Parks.

Fresno is the only city in the United States with three National Parks within an hour and a half drive.  Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia are three spectacular sites. One of the most popular is Yosemite National Park., renowned for its magnificent valley, great granite domes and peaks, waterfalls, giant sequoia, and spectacular high country.  Sequoia National Park is an unspoiled treasure of some of the most striking scenery in the world. Its towering giant sequoia trees and soaring mountain peaks, its cascading creeks, flowering meadows and star studded evening skies adorn this masterpiece of nature.  Spring and summer offer sensational hiking, horseback riding, fishing and cave tours. Winter boasts cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding in the Sierras.  Kings Canyon’s 461,901 acres are largely wilderness.   The park features summits of the High Sierras and two huge canyons on the Kings River. Kings Canyon was established as a national park in 1940 and adjoins Sequoia.  They are administered as one unit.

In addition to visiting the nearby National Parks, there is much to see and do within the city.  The Chaffee Zoo offers visitors the opportunity to experience a diversity of animal and plant life.  This unique zoo focuses on our good fortune in having such diversity of life on our planet At the Downing Planetarium, visitors have the opportunity of gazing into the stars.  With a 74 seat theater and a 30-foot dome, the planetarium allows visitors to experience the heavens without even going outside.  For those who just want to splash around and have some fun, the Fresno Island Water Park is a must visit attraction.  With over 20 water slides and rides, a huge arcade, as well as an amusement park and miniature golf, it’s fun for the whole family.

The Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, History, and Science is fascinating for all ages.  It displays memorabilia from author William Saroyan, a native of Fresno.  A science gallery has more than 40 interactive stations with exhibits geared toward children.  Forestiere Underground Gardens is an amazing underground retreat designed and created by hand to resemble the Roman catacombs by Sicilian immigrant Baldasare Forestiere in the early 1900s.  Under the earth are extensive rooms, passageways, gardens, patios, and courtyards filled with exotic plants.  The rooms are lit by skylights.   Another favorite site is Roeding Park which features Rotary Playland with a carousel, rides, a miniature railway and the Japanese War Memorial.

Whatever the reason for visiting, whether business or pleasure, Fresno leaves its visitors breathless from its unparalleled beauty and eager to return for another visit.

Sacramento California – Holiday All Inclusive

Sacramento is not only the capital of the largest state in the Union, it is also a unique historical and cultural center. Sacramento’s history rested on a few pioneers and Indians for until gold was found nearby in the 1840’s. Within weeks, Sacramento and the entire area became the busiest and most bustling part of the entire nation as thousands came west to strike it rich in the great Gold Rush. Sacramento has done a great deal to preserve the relics of that time.

This city has a pioneer feel, particularly in some of the museums and in its capitol building. Of special note, the old Sutter’s Mill and Fort have been preserved and rebuilt. It’s a fascinating place to visit, full of history and excitement of the Gold Rush years. Other museums and attractions allow visitors to participate in the Gold Rush culture, panning for gold in the river or seeing how the early forty-niners lived.

 Sacramento California - Holiday All Inclusive
Sacramento California – Holiday All Inclusive

Children’s attractions abound in Sacramento, making it a wonderful destination for families. The Discovery Museum is a hands-on replica of Sacramento as it was in 1854. The state Indian Museum has a great deal to teach children about Sacramento’s earliest residents. Of course, children love the old Gold Rush exhibits and the stories they have to tell.

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Sacramento is the capital of a state with 33 million residents, but it has retained an independent air. From Indian land to Gold Rush to the present, Sacramento has seen a wealth of changes, yet it has remained a beautiful destination celebrated for its wonderful scenery and blooming flowers. Sacramento is often overlooked during visits to California, but surely it would be a mistake to miss visiting such a historic and friendly city.

San Jose California – Holiday All Inclusive

Best known for its sunshine and its ties to technology, San Jose has much to offer even the most discriminating traveler.

Whether for business or pleasure, this beautiful California city has something for everyone.  With over 300 days of sunshine, near perfect weather, a multitude of sites to see and, not to mention, the opportunity to play Monopoly on a 930 square foot board, as well as its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it makes this a must see destination for anyone traveling to northern California.

San Jose California - Holiday All Inclusive
San Jose California – Holiday All Inclusive

It is hard to remember when looking at San Jose today that it is the oldest civil settlement in California, founded back in 1777.  It was also the first capital of California, even before California became an official state and at one time was a thriving agricultural area.   Few remnants of that period remain.  Instead, there are a host of new things to see and do.

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No matter what time of year for a visit, beautiful California weather awaits.  Summer tends to be the busiest season as tourists from around the world come to visit the area, enjoying its wonderful scenery, weather, entertainment and attractions.  Summer daytime temperatures reach into the mid 80’s F. but with very little humidity it’s quite comfortable.  It’s the perfect time for taking advantage of the many outdoor activities available.   Spring and fall are pleasant, although cooler.  Spring brings the average temperature to about 60 F and fall is slightly higher.  Although there is a winter season, the daytime temperatures rarely fall below 60 F, making it an ideal time to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting this California city is that “California Casual” is the dress code for daytime and most evening outings.  From November until spring, a light sweater is advisable during the day and a light jacket for the evenings.

The History Museum gives visitors a feel for what it was like when California’s first settlement was established back in the late 1700’s.  Guests can enjoy the 14 acre facility with a park-like setting including 27 original and reconstructed homes, businesses, and landmarks highlighting the culture and history of San Jose and Santa Clara Valley. The museum is unique with paved streets, running trolleys and an old-fashioned ice cream and even a candy parlor.

Known for its ties to technology, San Jose also offers tours of  the Tech Museum of Innovation where Technology from Silicon Valley and beyond comes alive.   This unique museum features interactive exhibits for all ages. The Tech is a place that’s about real technology . . . changing the way people work and play, creating, harnessing, and sharing information about how we innovate, how we do things differently. It features over 250 interactive exhibits as well as an Imax Dome Theater.

For a little outdoor activity, a must visit attraction is Kelly Park.  The park is home to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, the Japanese Friendship Garden and the San Jose Historical Museum. Visitors may enjoy a train ride, picnicking, a beautiful lawn and shade tree areas or a walk through the tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden. For those looking for more activity, visit the zoo, amusement park and play area of Happy Hollow.  For a unique adventure, try a game of Monopoly on a 930 square foot board at Guadalupe River Park.  Be sure to bring a camera for this once-in-a-lifetime picture.

For a day trip,  be sure to visit Paramount’s Great America and Six Flags Marine World.  Both are just minutes away from San Jose and offer fun and adventure for the entire family.  Great America is a  universe of Nickelodeon fun, friends, and adventures that burst into life daily.  The stars on Nickelodeon, one of the networks preferred by kids, come to life at one of Northern California’s favorite theme parks for family fun and thrills.  Marine World is the country’s only combination wildlife park, oceanarium and theme park featuring over 30 thrilling rides, 35 exotic animal attractions and 10 great shows.  Of course, historic and beautiful San Francisco is also only an hour away.

San Jose showcases a mix of  world class cultural and performing arts, name brand stores and quaint boutiques, superb dining, exciting night life, great sporting events and outdoor activities, year-round cultural events and festivities, many historic sites,  thrilling theme parks,  varied points of interest, and beautiful climate year-round.  It’s no wonder it has been an ongoing recipient of numerous honors and awards, and has become a stomping ground for millions of visitors each year.  Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

Santa Barbara California – Holiday All Inclusive

Santa Barbara, California is alive with youthful energy within an atmosphere of casual sophistication and charm. Students from five colleges in the area bring vitality and enthusiasm, collaborating with local residents on many worthwhile projects. The city rests on a narrow shelf between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific coast, and is one of southern California’s foremost vacation areas.

A day in the city could be spent biking, beach-going, fishing, or hiking in a setting rich with distinctive architecture, public art, beautiful parks and playgrounds. The same day could also include spending time at Santa Barbara’s enchanting zoo or visiting a selection of museums with special children’s exhibits.

The Santa Ynez Valley stretches west through central Santa Barbara County, reaching toward the city and the Pacific Ocean beyond. It’s a land of relaxed beauty, where narrow roads curl through the knobby, windswept Santa Rita Hills, through rows of walnut trees and strawberry fields, past acres of cabbage and broccoli and, here and there, a few vineyards. Santa Barbara has the perfect climate for growing the varieties of grapes that produce the finest wines. Visitors benefit from the fact that this secret is just being discovered, and they can still take a tour of Santa Barbara’s wine country at a leisurely pace without the press of crowds.


Santa Barbara California - Holiday All Inclusive
Santa Barbara California – Holiday All Inclusive

It is exhilarating to venture into the back country and enjoy the rugged beauty of National Forest lands, home to everything from modern lakeside campgrounds to trackless wilderness, providing almost unlimited recreational choices for families. Returning to Santa Barbara from a day of hiking, there is the opportunity to ease back gradually into city life through a visit to the alpine village of Solvang. This is the county’s “Little Denmark,” with windmills, Tudor architecture, and a wealth of Scandinavian food and souvenirs.

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Santa Barbara County offers an outstanding variety of cultural attractions, such as, theater, dance, art galleries and musical performances.

You don’t need a car to enjoy downtown Santa Barbara because most everything, from shopping and dining to performances and historic attractions, is within walking distance. Walking through Santa Barbara on foot gives a close-up look at its distinctive architectural style. This style is largely the work of engineer Bernhard Hoffman, who founded the City Planning Commission and worked with other community organizations to enforce building codes and architectural standards early in the 20th century. Following a major earthquake, legislation was enacted to insure that all new construction would conform to modern safety guidelines. The new style that emerged was influenced by the architecture of Spain, but is a blend of genres, including Spanish, Mediterranean, and Moorish/Islamic. Its key features are the gleaming white stucco surfaces, the famous red tile roofs, courtyards, and the decorative wrought iron windows, light fixtures, and staircases.

A free electric shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes to all points of interest. Shopping is a major pastime on State street, which is lined with boutiques, cafés, bookstores, as well as toy and book stores of interest to children. On Brinkerhoff Avenue there are a large number of antique shops.

The beach is beautiful, the weather almost always perfect, and the people friendly. Many vacationers rent bikes and blades and travel up and down the beachfront path along Cabrillo Boulevard. The county draws surfers, hikers, naturalists, in-line skaters, mountain bikers, rock climbers, scuba divers and hang gliders, to mention a few. Santa Barbara has been described by many as ” heaven on earth”.

Long Beach California – Holiday All Inclusive

Long Beach, California’s fifth largest city, is located just 21 miles south of Los Angeles, at the southern end of Los Angeles County.

Long Beach offers all the amenities of a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city, while retaining the charm and tranquility of a seaside community. Visitors seeking the California dream of beach, sun and ocean need look no further.

Long Beach California - Holiday All Inclusive
Downtown Long Beach – Long Exposure Photography

Long Beach is the perfect spot for people who enjoy the sun.  Sea kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and jet-skiing are popular year round. Early in the year, whale watchers observe the migrating California Gray Whale, and year-round harbor cruises entertain young and old . The city’s well-designed beachside bike path is ideal for in-line skating, jogging, bicycling, or a quiet walk.

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Long Beach became popular in the late 19th century as a seaside resort. Long Beach Harbor and the neighboring Port of Los Angeles are two of the busiest shipping centers on the Pacific Coast. The entire area is rich in petroleum resources, both on land and offshore.


California State University, Long Beach, is home to 27,000 students. Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center at Ocean and Long Beach boulevards encompasses the Long Beach Arena, Terrace Theater and Center Theater, where concerts, plays, trade shows and sporting events are held.


Boat cruises to Catalina Island leave from near the Queen Mary and from downtown.  Long Beach AquaBus and AquaLink provide regularly scheduled service to Long Beach’s major attractions such as the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific daily from mid-June to mid-September, and Friday through Sunday the balance of the year.



The roar of Grand Prix race cars echoes through the city streets in early April during the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Most Saturday mornings, the Long Beach Heritage Society conducts narrated  two hour walking tours: of the downtown area the first and third Saturdays of the month, and of the East Village, (which is being developed as an arts district), the second and fourth Saturdays. Nearby, eclectic boutiques welcome shoppers seeking rare treasures, and international cuisine is served alfresco. Along the waterfront, more than 12,000 marine animals welcome you and your friends to their aquarium home


The Queen’s Marketplace, near Pier J, is an open-air mall designed to resemble an old English village. Shoreline Village, at the foot of Pine Street, is a harbor side shopping center with specialty shops, restaurants, a restored Looff carousel, and occasional live boardwalk entertainment.


Bring along a good book you’ve been wanting to read.  Get ready to stretch out, relax,  and watch the waves of the Pacific Ocean roll gently toward shore.  Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the beach, the roar of world-class stock cars racing in the shadow of glittering skyscrapers, a picnic at one of the many local parks,  or a concert under the moonlit sky, Long Beach is a  perfect vacation getaway.  You can even experience a  serenade by gondoliers rowing an authentic gondola in the Venetian style on a  cruise through local canals.  Ocean breezes waft gently off the Pacific  along a stretch of coastal paradise, while in the distance, a tall ship sets sail..  These sights and many more await the visitor to romantic Long Beach.   Time to pack!

Bakersfield California – Holiday All Inclusive

The name Bakersfield brings to mind its association with country music, and in particular with the “Bakersfield sound.” Former Oildale resident and retired Sonoma State University professor Gerald Haslam’s book Workin’ Man Blues proposes that this Bakersfield Sound grew out of several different styles of music and that performers picked and chose the styles they liked and thus created their own brand of music found nowhere else in the country.

The Bakersfield Sound was marked by the sharp, loud, high-end sound of the electric and steel guitars, fiddles, and lead and harmony vocals influenced by rock and roll and rockabilly as well as traditional country music. It was a reaction to the early (’50s and) ’60s sweetening of country music as characterized by the Nashville Sound. Bakersfield music was, by comparison, rawer, twangier and more in line with rock music.

Bakersfield, California - Holiday All Inclusive
Bakersfield, California – Holiday All Inclusive

Performers such as Cousin Herb Henson, Bill Woods, Billy Mize, Oscar Whittington, Eugene Moles, Jelly Sanders, Johnny Cuevelo, and others played to appreciative crowds within the smoke-filled honky tonks in and around Bakersfield. The Blackboard Café, Bob’s Lucky Spot, the Rainbow Gardens, the Pumpkin Center Barn Dance, the Beardsley Ballroom, the Clover Club, Tex’s Barrel House, Trout’s, and a number of other establishments offered music seven nights a week.

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This rich musical heritage, along with oil and agricultural production, is what put Bakersfield on the map as a California travel destination. The local music scene has produced popular performers such as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and the alternative band, Korn. Buck Owens still makes his home in Bakersfield and performs regularly at the Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace Steakhouse. The Crystal Palace features veterans of country western music alongside some of the hottest up-and-coming young artists.
The downtown theater district offers visitors an opportunity to view live performances while dining in intimate surroundings. Vintage movies appear on the big screen and national touring theatrical companies perform. For more than 70 years, the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra has made beautiful music.
Visitors can catch some of the greatest touring performances at the Bakersfield Centennial Garden. The Garden converts into one of the most competitive sporting arenas in the San Joaquin Valley and has hosted basketball’s L.A. Lakers, hockey’s L.A. Kings, Fight Night at the Garden, and WWF Smackdown.


When spring arrives, thoughts turn to rafting, and the Kern River offers some of the best white water rafting available. If fast action is not your attraction, make sure to enjoy the many hiking trails, natural sites, and the famous Spring Kern Wildflower Tours. Beauty abounds as the wildflowers bloom and blanket the hillsides with color. Make sure to bring your camera for those perfect shots.

The city’s downtown area invites you to enjoy a day of shopping and experience the award-winning streetscape. Downtown offers time for relaxation as you can take in the architecture of the past; dine at many of the downtown eateries and browse through antique and specialty stores. Corner benches allow visitors to rest and enjoy the beauty of the flowers planted in the street medians.


If the visual arts appeal to you, tour the remodeled Bakersfield Museum of Art, located in downtown Bakersfield, where the architecture promotes a feeling of grace and elegance. Find outstanding displays of artwork in three different galleries featuring local artists and world-renowned traveling exhibits. In addition to the arts, evening concerts in the park, ballet, original plays and multi-cultural displays engage all ages and interest levels.

Professional sporting events and entertainers are featured at the City’s Centennial Garden & Arena. For those who enjoy exercising and having “cool fun”, check out Bakersfield Ice Sports Center located behind Centennial Gardens. The Bakersfield Ice Sports Center offers public skating, figure skating, and more. In addition, the Ice Sports Center is the official practice facility for the Bakersfield Condors Hockey Team. Most weekends bring topnotch auto racing at Bakersfield Speedway and streetracing is an ongoing and very popular attraction.

For water enthusiasts, the completion of the McMurtrey Aquatics Center offers additional fun to those visiting during the hot summer months. The multi-purpose swim facility is located next to the Ice Sports Center of Bakersfield. The Center has an 8,551 square foot recreation pool and a 50-meter competition pool as well as a double water slide, interactive wet play equipment, and a water volley ball area.

Those who enjoy the great outdoors may want to bring along a bicycle, roller blades, or running shoes and experience first hand the beautiful scenery of the Kern River Parkway. The Kern River Parkway extends nearly 20 miles along the banks of the Kern River, starting at the California Living Museum northeast of town and ending near Cal State Bakersfield.

Visit Bakersfield soon for a fantastic country experience, and help keep the Bakersfield sound alive!